Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Soul Weariness

|Today, I am going to try and begin a new journey of discovery.   I learnt today that it is o.k. to be just the way I am, and not do anything about it.   To be in the moment.  This is not something new to me, or to anyone who has been reading my blog, but it has resonated in a very different way this time.  I seemed to work from a very intellectual, rational point of view and living in the moment from that perspective is one way of doing it.   I will begin today to try and live in the moment, from my soul, from the core of my being, acceepting whatever it is that I am and just rest there. 

My journey for the next little while is to learn to 'lean into the weariness' from my heart.....trusting that sometimes it is o.k. to just rest and be, and not even have to figure out why.

So for you who have chosen to join me on this journey (bus trip, cab ride whatever), the vehicle will be meandering along at a very quiet pace, just resting and giving the soul time to regenerate.   My soul has been a very good companion over the past ten years but I think it needs a rest now.   So, it is not going to be easy, as rational thinking is my nature, but I will try and accept the tiredness, the feelings of loss and grief, and just wallow in them for awhile......who knows a completely new being may arise from those ashes.......

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