Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A separate journey.....soul medicine!

I have decided to start of journey of discovery which I will keep separate from my blog.  It will be a place to talk about myself and where I might like this journey of cancer to take me not necessarily on a physical level, but more closely knit into my soul.

I will express my thoughts and how I might see myself evolving as this third chapter with cancer takes shape.  It will be a place to watch how I view myself from where I have come to where I might be going be that into a new chapter here or perhaps even a final chapter to somewhere new.  I am not trying to be melodramtic but I have an urge to search spiritually at this time and feel that this new outlet will allow that expression.

It will be attached as 'pages' to my blog but will be for reading only.  I would appreciate no comments as it will limit my ability to freely express what my soul is really saying if I feel that others are judging or making comments.   As you can see I have yet to let the old person go as I am still setting conditions and rules as to how one is allowed to function on this blog LOL.....I hope that may change.

I need this new space in order to say good bye to the person I have been for so many years and allow the person I know that is straining in my being to come out to be released.   I open myself to all in order to help my own journey along.    The expression of one's deepest thoughts and dreams is the best way for human beings to open themselves to growth and new ways of being in the world.  I have always maintained that I refuse to see any 'blessings' in my cancer, but I will allow it the opportunity to open me up in to the person that I must become in order to deal with it.   I will not stand still in fear or anger, allowing it the power  to take over my soul as it seems determined to take over my body.   As Mellisa Ethridge sings "you can cut into my body, but you cannot cut into my soul".........

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