Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life.....Ain't it grand!

Well, life goes on.....and on and on.  I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions, activities, and experiences over the past few days and I wouldn't change that for anything.   I visited with old friends, spontaneously taking a trip to see them and having the best time.   I never was one that would do things spontaneously, I needed time to organize, control and make sure that there wasn't something else I should be doing.   Well, that person still exists at times, but I like the new one who at the drop of a hat can change plans and do something totally new.    I spent an amazing couple of days with two old friends (40 years of knowing and stories....amazing) and we laughed, finished each others sentences, and teased each other how we hadn't changed (at least in personality.....)

I returned home to normal, family stuff,  realizing that parenting doesn't stop at 19.   No one told me this!!!!   The children are older, and bigger, and so are the troubles.    Having to admit that I have no control of choices my children make is still not something I have really admitted to.  So, I nag, then walk away....with them standing there saying "do you still love me????".....and of course I say YES!!!!!! an unloving tone.
Then finding out someone who I have known my whole life has died months sad but also relieved as he has had Alzheimer for years and is now gone in body having left us many years ago in personality.  I remember the last time I spoke with him...about five years ago.   I phoned and he answered the phone.  I said who I was and he was so happy to hear from me.  We chatted for some time and he was as witty and funny as always.  At the end of the conversation he said "its a pity I won't remember your calling, and will probably call you back", at which I replied "why don't you write down that I called and that we had a lovely chat".....and he said "o.k., if I remember"......   What a guy!    He was one of my Dad's best friends and now they are together in heaven philosophizing and discovering who was theologically correct. :)

So, my life is full and still writing its stories.  Even when we are dealing with horrible diseases, the world around us keeps on turning.   I am glad that I don't have to get off because of my cancer.  Sometimes just spinning with the rest of the people is a great way to be......I bet too that I am enjoying the spinning more than some because I am so glad to be here to do it.   Its like when someone says "Oh I don't want to remember my birthday, it depresses me" response is "its the alternative that depresses me"!!!!!!!

I am now off to knitting, another opportunity for laughter and fun.   Can never get enough of that.......

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