Friday, November 7, 2014

WHAM hits again!

Some times I think I am very naïve about the way life works.   I write about how it sneaks up on you and hits you in the face....and then I go about my day as if nothing surprising is going to happen.

Well, Wednesday was a day that life went WHAM, BAM, SLAM!!!!!   And it wasn't a super hero's cartoon strip.    Now, let me say that I have come back to some form of equilibrium and I am fine.   I am more upset with the fact that I was so certain nothing new would be revealed.    I laugh that I wrote a post about how life is never what you think and then am surprised when it happens.   I believe perhaps God was trying to prepare me for this but of course I wasn't listening.

So the consultation didn't go quite as planned.   We are still doing surgery but I have yet to get a date because there was a bit of a surprise in the MRI.    I now have to see a second surgeon for a consult who will assist my oncologist.  That specialist is an orthopedic surgeon!    It seems that the tumor has invade my hip bone.     DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS!    For those who have been on this journey with me for sometime.....that won't surprise anyone.   Rare, of course it would happen , I am the RARE one.   If it isn't common, normal, or the usual it will happen to me.  Now in some ways the fact that I am still alive is RARE.   So as in everything this is a double edged sword....there is good RARE and there is bad rare.  

What this means for the moment is that I need to meet with a surgeon who specializes in bones.   Then he and my oncologist will set a date for surgery.     I guess it is not all gloom and doom.   There is a very good chance that they can remove the bone that is until I talk to him I wait and wonder what next will knock me off my chair!!!!

WHAM, BAM,. those words they are so appropriate!

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Caknittian said...

Your 'bright-side' take is so wonderful! During my Mom's journey, the word 'rare' became a four-letter word or the 'word that shall not be spoken'(after all it was the Harry Potter years).... sending you peace and strength to meet the challenges ahead. Hugs!