Thursday, October 9, 2014

The journey has begun.........

So we are on our way.   The journey into the world of medicine as a regular part of life has begun in earnest.     Yesterday I had the first of a couple of tests that will determine the course of the next few months.   I think I had forgot how overwhelming the whole process can be.    Not that I haven't been periodically having tests over the past few years, but in those instances I knew they were just precautionary and not leading to something else.   Or at least I was able to convince myself of such.

I began yesterday by going to a hospital that I wasn't familiar with.  Always a bit daunting, but fortunately I had the company of someone who was familiar with it moreso than me.    We parked, on the sixth floor, again noticing that the staff seemed to have the best spots closest to the main hospital.   Maybe I should drop a note to the hospital about them encouraging more of a 'participaction' attitude......they could walk each day to and from their cars for exercise.    On an aside, ever notice the people that park the closest to stores all have gym memberships!!!   Just saying :)

So we got into the hospital on the main floor, took the elevator up to the second floor, wound our way around the corridors to the reception area and signed in.   Receive a small map to direct us to the next spot, and realize it takes us all the way back to where we started. All this walking can't be easy for people who are sick.   A bit of an oxy moron guys !  This hospital is huge, and the area for the scan is about 9'x9' and that includes the sign in area.   So we are all squished together waiting our turn.    My friend and I notice a container of liquid sitting on the table.    Yellow liquid.   So of course we figure it must be someone's sample right?   No it is the wonderful drink they give you for the test. breakfast, and now I get to drink something that resembles PEE!!!!!   Off to a great start!  Well we finished there after a long wait and 5 minutes to do the test.   I have no complaints though because I have learnt years ago that it takes as long as it takes and the staff are usually very busy.....and they were very busy.     It is a little scary that so many people are ill and in need of such medical treatment.    Another reason to be thankful we live in this country.

Well, off we went and had a wonderful lunch at my cousin's which I wolfed it down because I was starving and the liquid had begun to harden  yet in my tummy.   Then home.   Now is when I realized the toll it takes on me.   I felt tired but decided to go to knitting.   My stomach was a little upset to no need for supper.  After that I took the dog to the park.   So about 5:30 I decided to lie down for a 'quick' nap.   Well at 11:45 pm I awoke!   Guess it took more out of me than I realized lol.

It is the emotional strain that always seems to surprise me.   I think in many ways that it is at a very unconscious level that I recognize the seriousness of this disease.    I was able to recognize that I slept for so long for a couple of reasons.   One, I was drained from the day at the hospital but two, it allowed me the ability to retreat from the real world and go to a place of peace.     When I woke, I was startled that it was late but I took advantage of the late hour to just be.   I took the dog for a walk around 1:00 am and enjoyed the silence and lack of people.   It was very relaxing and rejuvenating.   Then I read for a while and finally went back to sleep till about 6:30 a.m.   

Today, I feel great!    I am not tired.   The yukky stomach  after that 'yellow' drink is gone....I don't know how others feel but it always makes me feel like I have a cement block in my stomach for about 12 hours.    So, yesterday is over, I have slept enough for two people, and the sun is shining.     The journey has begun but for now there is nothing I can do so I will park the bus and get off until I need to drive to another appointment.

Happy Thanksgiving and this year I have much to be thankful for...........

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Anonymous said...

I love your humour and your positive attitude. A true warrior with the best weapon. Laughter