Friday, October 17, 2014

A new career..........

So, maybe I haven't learnt how to take it easy!   I recently went to the doctors and mentioned that I was having a lot of pain, especially at night.   She asked what I was doing?   Well, after I told her she said:   "I have three kinds of patients with pain.    The ones who are in pain and sit home and do nothing and are very unhappy, the ones who do way too much and aggravate the pain and are very happy, and a very few who have actually found the middle ground".   Then she prescribed me T3 and said to go and enjoy life.

Well, I took her at her word.    I have taken on a very interesting new job - doing school tours at a local apple farm!  The farm is owned by a former student and her husband, and my daughter worked there previously.    Since she is not able to this fall due to motherhood, I volunteered to help with the tours.    Now, lets be clear.    I know very little about apples so it has been a huge learning curve.   I didn't know there were so many varieties and that each was better for one thing or another.   The good thing is these children are very young and know less!!!! :)

So last week I did my first tour and I think it went very well.    We learnt about apples, we sang a song about apples, we picked apples and we ate apples and we even had a tractor drive!!!!!......then we went in the corn maze......not so good.   I was feeling pretty confident at this point and decided I would lead.   Well I got us lost and had to have one of the five year olds lead us out!!!!!   A little scary...especially when I am slightly claustrophobic :)   So yesterday was my second day.    I was a little nervous because I was going to be doing a pumpkin tour.   If I know little about apples, I know nothing about pumpkins except how to carve them.   As an aside I love carving them.  Used to do three or four every year when my daughter was young!!!!
So, I arrive early to teach myself about pumpkins (did you know they have 'brains' neither did I) and find out that I am not just doing pumpkins but apples too!!!    60 kids and they are there all day!!!!!!!    Ohhhhhh my goodness what have I done!

Weeks away from surgery on my hip area and now I will be walking around a farm for four hours.  Hmmm thinking I know which category I fit into for the doctor .  Well I did it!!!!   We learnt about apples in the morning, and pumpkins in the afternoon.  We picked apples and we picked pumpkins.    We did the tractor ride and the corn maze (I stayed outside and let the teachers and parents go with the kids).    It was such a great day.    I was exhausted but pumped!

So, today I am off to do another tour.     I may have to up my pain meds for the next week or so, but let me tell you it is worth it.     I enjoyed those children so much.    They had so much fun and were so excited to be on a farm and to do all these things.    Life is about living and this week I am living it to the fullest.    So, I may be a little tired (read a lot) and not do much else, but I tell you the doctor was right......I am very very happy.

P.S.    And I know more than I every thought I would about apples.......did you know there are 13 varieties, at least at this particular farm?    Oh and the stuff you can make with them is really yummy too....I sampled a few things between tours!!!!!!!

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