Sunday, December 1, 2013

Its been almost three months, not quite but almost.   I imagine anyone who was following my journey has either decided that it ended, or they have taken to driving down another road.    Well, no it didn`t end, not by a long shot but it did hit a bit of a dead end for a time.   I sort of hit a wall and for a time didn`t really feel like doing much of anything, let alone writing about how I was feeling.   I am not the type to write when things get messy.  I realize that now.   I like to keep things on a lighter note so in many ways I don`t open myself up when things are not going my way.  

So a quick synopsis of what has transpired in my life over the past almost three months.   I arrived home from PEI to find that I had to stay put because of medical issues.  When I say `stay put` I mean I have to live here not somewhere else for the remainder of my life because my best chance of survival is to stay close to the best medical providers that my disease has.   And that is here in SW Ontario for me.   So that made me have to rethink everything I had been thinking.......even if I didn`t want to move telling me I can`t gets my back up......I know `control freak` mentality!

In the end I made some very big decisions and that is why I haven`t been on line.   I decided to buy a summer place....somewhere near water so that although I can`t move to the East Coast I can at least spend time near the water (albeit fresh water).   Have to throw salt up into the wind so that I can close my eyes and pretend I am at the ocean....but all in all its really not so bad......

So, then I decided if I wasn`t going to be here in the summer I didn`t need a very big space to live in during the winters.   That meant downsizing.   I had intended to do that over the period of about a year....maybe by next Spring but sometimes the universe has different plans.   I am learning that I have to be very careful what I put out there because it seems God hears me and then puts it in place.
Next thing I know I have a wonderful one bedroom apartment but I have to move immediately.   Well, I am there now.

So in a matter of less than two months, I come home, buy a trailer, and move to an apartment.   To say I am a little tired, a bit confused, and forever trying to get rid of things is an understatement.

My health through all this has been fine.   I think maybe I am cured but I haven`t been able to actually stop long enough to find out.   I forgot to go to my appointment in November so next week we will see.  I know I haven`t been cured but somehow all this effort, moving, and shaking seems to contradict the idea of one being sick........

Well, I am back.  I will be more attentive to my writing now that I can find a place to sit and actually write.   And my next blog will tell you more about my journey over the past few months.....not all of it good and some of it even better than good.......

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Teamnanny Kath said...

You are one amazing woman, and you have handled this journey with such courage and grace, and if there is one thing I have learned from you is to follow my heart, to do what it is that is important to me. Life is not a dress rehearsal. We all have to die sometime, but none of us want to be thrown to the front of the line with a cancer diagnosis. I pray for your healing, but more than that I am always praying for your happiness in peace no matter where you are! Big hugs..... and lots of Love,