Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Just making a quick post to acknowledge the dates this week.   Yesterday was my 9/11 anniversary.   Eleven years ago to the exact day and date I landed in the hospital and into surgery and was diagnosed with cancer.   That day is ingrained in my memory as if it happened minutes ago.   The feelings, emotions, tears, fears, and even the conversations will never be forgotten.  I can tell you every person I spoke to in the next three days and almost verbatim the conversations I had with each.   Today eleven years ago, was the day that I told my daughter .....that is one conversation that I have absolutely no memory of and didn't even at the time.    The mind does not allow one to relive the unrelivable!!!!  (is that actually a word???)

Tomorrow it will be eleven years to the day and date that I had a second surgery in another hospital to actually remove the numerous tumours and be officially biopsied.    Ovarian Cancer would be the final word but we all knew that immediately anyways.   I was told three maybe five years at the most........and now I celebrate my 11th anniversary....

So, what happens eleven years later on that very day......I am flying away to Florida to  the sun, sand and sea and to count each and every one of my blessings.......cancer NOT being one of them.

So, to anyone going through this, may I say only one thing.     NO ONE knows how long we have on this earth except God (herself) and so never give up hope and live every moment that you have.    I firmly believe that you are not dying until a few hours before you are live, live, live.  

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Birdie said...

I can't tell you how happy this post makes me! Hooray for you!